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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Boy Adams

We went to our doctor's appointment yesterday. We are 19 weeks today! Due Date is still November 10, 2010. We had our second ultrasound. The first one was at 5 weeks and our baby looked like a peanut. Before we went into our ultrasound, Ethan and I both wrote down on a piece of paper what we thought it would be and a note to each other. Yesterday, we got to see the head, arms, legs, heart, and yes, his penis. IT'S A BOY. Once we found out, we opened our notes and we both guessed correct :) His note to me was so sweet and reminded me again why I married him. One week leading up to our ultrasound, Ethan and I kept telling our baby to show us what he/she was. The first picture the women got was of his "goods". He was doing a handstand in my belly. He moved from the handstand to a ball. They need one picture of the other side of his heart but he has to be in a very specific position, so we will have a repeat ultrasound in 8 weeks to get that picture. Yay, more pictures :)

We called our parents first. My dad was hoping for a boy and was so excited when I told him the news. He actually didn't believe me at first :) We then called Ethan's parents who were on a road trip. Ethan said "I have a question about the house, does it have enough room for another boy's room?" His parents were so excited they were shouting... let's just put it this way, they were not on speaker and I could hear them partying on the other end :) I called my mom but couldn't get a hold of her. When she finally called me back, I asked her what she thought the baby was. She said "girl" and she was shocked when I told her nope she was going to have a grandson. Almost every person I called, I made them tell me what they thought I was having before we would tell them. The only person that said boy was my grandma Rosie :)

We went shopping after that. we picked out four outfits and a bear all for $23 at JC Penny's. It was so nice to be able to go into a store and get something gender specific. We will be setting his crib up this week! Baby Boy Adams does not have a name yet, so send your suggestions our way!

Ethan, Vickie, Baby Boy Adams, and Baxter

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